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Let's FIND the best Medicare options for you at NO COST TO YOU! We can find a plan that fits your needs and desires. Let me help you navigate Medicare; the products and sign-up for your plan of choice.
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Get help understanding your Medicare options ...with a friend.
Are you confused by Medicare? Are you receiving too many letters in the mail, that further confuse you? Do you know what your next step is in retiring, and putting Social Security and Medicare in place? Do you know what plan is best for you?

I'm here to help! I will sit down with you, explain your Medicare benefits and how they work. I take the complications of Medicare and 'Make Medicare Easy' for you! I know what plans are available in Idaho and as we discuss your needs and look at your health concerns, we will design the best plan out there for you. There is NO COST associated with my help.

That is what I do... and I love helping you feel confident in your benefits!
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Enroll With Liz As Your Guide

See What Everyone's Saying About
"After trying to look for plan information that fit my needs and my budget I was having anxiety attacks. I called Liz and as soon as we spoke, she found a plan, went over it and made sure I understood! I wanted to cry as the tension left my body. She is amazing!

"I was so confused and bombarded with phone call from multiple states. Liz listened to what did not work for 2020, and gave me info on plan perfect for me! She had me in tears I was so happy. Liz is amazing!"

~ Patricia Cooley 
"Elizabeth Moote is wonderful. Knowledgeable, Efficient, Trustworthy and able to answer questions and knows the answers. I learn a lot from her newsletters. Always available.

"It was a wonderful experience. Elizabeth Moote is knowledgeable, informed and efficient and always available for questions and has the answers. A+ service"

~ Joann Mancini 
"Was very helpful and spent quite a bit of time making sure we understood everything. When I called she called back and we are very pleased with our insurance."
~ Sandy Golden 
"Very informative and very knowledgeable and super helpful."
~ Leah Johnson 
"Our Agent was Awesome! She went out of her way to help us get the policy we need. Elizabeth ROCKS !!!"
~ Robert Cooley 
"Don't even know where to start. I met Elizabeth Moote at Walmart back in November. We talked for a while and she was very helpful in helping me with a plan that worked for me and her knowledge was very impressive!

"I reached out to her on a few occasions - once again very helpful. She goes above & beyond her job. Had I not stopped & spoken with her, I wouldn't be having my teeth fixed now.

"Thank you!"
~ Richard Kellar
I’m Elizabeth Moote - call me Liz!  During my 30 years working with Health Insurance company, I often found myself sitting with friends who had real healthcare concerns.  Today I give support & guidance to people who are trying to navigate the complications of Medicare - discovering their life stories and their needs to create custom plans just for them.  I have never done a more satisfying work, which has become my passion!  Together we’ll find the right plan for you!
Difference Liz
When you're looking at healthcare, it's not about how much it costs, though that's definitely important. It's not about which plan is 'bronze' or 'platinum', though you definitely want what's best for you. It's not about your options...
It's about your family.

Let someone who LISTENS to your family's needs help you with the medicare option that is best for what you need at the price that fits your family.
When you schedule a time to talk, Liz will be there to listen to YOU - to what you need in your family and discover the best options available for your family...

(and who knows, you may just not recognize you have exactly what you need)

Schedule a time to talk with Liz today!


Lots of people contact Liz just to get a second pair of eyes on their current healthcare choice - and she loves that! Contacting Liz comes with No Commitment and No Requirements. Simply click the button below to schedule a time for a call and see what we can do to help you and your family.

...you may never know the options you HAVE that you may not be using unless you ask...
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